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We are so happy you asked.

Do you offer a day of coordination?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this as a service. You have worked hard to create the wedding of your dreams. We would only be able to come in on the day of the wedding and execute the wedding with some prior conversations and information. We provide Wedding Management.  We begin working with our clients two months before their wedding date. We are here to tie up all the loose ends, communicate with all the vendors on your team, create a detailed timeline and execute your wedding smoothly.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, here at Time with Terrazas, as we are licensed and insured.

My venue provides a coordinator. Do I still need to hire an additional wedding coordinator?

Yes, it is essential that you hire another wedding coordinator like myself to help create the timeline and reach out to all the vendors on your team. The venue coordinator is the point of contact for the venue. Together we will work to ensure your event is run smoothly.

How many coordinators will be at my wedding or event?

This is a great question, and it will depend on the logistics of the wedding or event day, the location, and the number of guests. 
It can range anywhere between one or three coordinators plus myself.

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